Sometimes you need technical/ digital/ graphic skills, but want to deal with it in house. We want to help equip you and your staff to further understand the importance and of digital media, but even more we want to leave you with skills to be able to do it yourself.

Our training ranges on topics and size and our staff have experience from 1-to-1 sessions up to groups of 30 people. We have an initial meeting to understand your needs and what you want out of the training and then go away and create a bespoke session from your recommendation and needs. Topics we can run training sessions on include:

  • Social Media
    • What makes good content?
    • Facebook Advertising
    • How do I get Engagement?
    • Amongst Others
  • Graphic Design
    • What makes good design?
    • Current Design Trends
    • Amongst Others
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • SEO Basics
  • Website Management
    • How to manage your website.
    • WordPress Basics
    • Basic HTML/ CSS
    • Basic Server Management
    • Amongst Others
Talk to us today about how we can better equip you and your staff to all things digital. Whether you’re 1 person, whether you’re 1000 people, we want to help your staff better know how to digitally engage your customer base.