Today marks 7 months and 8 days since I registered Blueprint Bespoke Limited. So of course at this obvious and momentous landmark I have decided to reflect upon my business experience so far. So, what have I learnt?

1. Confidence is Key

‘Dress for the job you want’. As with so many things in life, the key to being self employed is confidence. At first it was really scary meeting clients, making invoices, charging money. It all felt so new and I felt with one step and it could all go wrong. However as the business grew, so did my experience and self confidence and now many things that seemed weird are part of weekly routine.

2. Keep an Eye on the Money

I’ve made the bold decision to manage my own accounts (with a small amount of help from an accountant friend of mine). For me, the benefits of managing my own accounts are huge. I know exactly what’s going on in Blueprint, who owes me money, who I owe money to, the value of my business, details of clients, my costs, my expenses, etc. This knowledge is power and from all this information I totally have control over the decision making of my business. (It also helps that I have some really good software too!!)

3. Look to the Future

One of the many benefits of being waged (as opposed to self employed) is that you never need to worry about next month or the next few months – you know what you’re getting financially (or can easily predict). In self-employed life, you’ve always got to be looking a few months ahead for new clients/ suppliers/ staff with a constant eye on the books. Looking to the future is such a necessary part of being self employed, one day at a time simply doesn’t work.

4. Do Some Work

Having read a load of blogs and articles about “What you need to do to make a successful business”, “How to be self employed”, “Advice for free lancers”, at the end of the day, you need to do your job. For all the administrational skills, self confidence, and financial wizardry you can muster, if you don’t actually spend a majority of time working billable hours, then it’s never going to work.


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